Fortem Omnipresence 3D Provides Security Round The Clock


There used to be a time when entrepreneurs will lock up their doors after store hours and sleep soundly knowing their business premises are secure. Today strong doors and locks are no longer sufficient to keep the bad guys out. In response to increased levels of security threats most business owners have turned to a combination of alarms, surveillance equipment and intrusion detectors to keep their premises, assets and personnel safe.

Security concerns have driven people to take steps to protect their assets even while they are no longer physically present through automated security systems. Fortem Omnipresence 3D software is an advanced security management software designed to help entrepreneurs coordinate what can be a very complex combination of installed security equipment. This article discusses the importance of coordinating the various components of a security system.

Benefits of Using Fortem Omnipresence 3D Software

Omnipresence 3D increases the security operator’s efficiency by simplifying control over the various bits of equipment that makes up your security system. It eliminates the need for security people to memorize control procedures, manual reporting, and manual compliance oversight; thus security personnel canto concentrate on evolving security situations. Omnipresence 3D’s ease of use significantly improves your situational awareness. Settings are also easily adapted to your particular organization’s threats, regulations and S.O.P.’s.

Omnipresence 3D features seamless integration with most brands of security equipments and software. This makes it ideal for companies which already have existing security equipment installed, and companies integrating their security after a merger.

This software boasts of a powerful feature called Immersive 3D. This gives you the ability to automatically identify and use video from cameras which offer the best view when responding to alarms or tracking suspects. It allows you to superimpose live or saved footages from multiple cameras onto a 3C map. You will also enjoy full pan, tilt, and zoom control over cameras while following suspicious vehicles or people.

You can configure 2D and 3D maps of your premises including indoor and outdoor areas. These maps will show alarms, installed equipment and incidents; it can even contain details of equipment capabilities such as a camera’s field of view. This enables much better integration of the various components of your security system such as access control, GPS, RFID, Radar, Sonar, or license plate recognition.

It does not even matter if you are monitoring multiple sites scattered around the country or all over the globe. You can assess complex situations involving simultaneous incidents at different locations through remote access in real time. You can exercise the option to reinforce one site in response to reported incidents. Under performance, compliance failures, and threats from both internal and external sources can easily be investigated.

Omnipresence 3D security management solution is capable of scaling for medium to large organizations; even those which require a very high level of security. Implementation is easy as this software has dashboards optimized to match each user’s responsibilities, it is designed to adapt to your organization’s regulations, permissions and S.O.P.’s.

If you want your facility’s security system coordinated even while you sleep, all you need is Fortem’s Omnipresence 3D software.

Outdoor Digital Signage – All Weather Signage

outdoor digital signage

There are some articles in which ordinary people have expressed their displeasure over the proliferation of so many advertising billboards. They say that these advertising billboards become eyesores when there are too much of them in one place. Perhaps they have a point. The good news for them is that new outdoor digital signage are appearing in many innovative (and generally smaller) forms which may even be more useful than the huge billboards some people have learned to hate. While some forms of outdoor digital signage remain large, many are being deployed on medium sized passive and interactive displays.

New Forms Of Outdoor Digital Signage

Because many passive LCD and LED screens as well as interactive touch screens now boast of high image resolutions and millions of display colors, they have become attractive mediums of advertising. Businessmen have found that if they set up flat screens containing their ads, some people will be enticed to come over for a closer look. Thus new ways to use digital outdoor signage have been conceived including:

Digital advertising signs at store fronts: Instead of luring people into their stores using fliers and loud music, businessmen have found that deploying even a simple LCD screen in their store fronts works better. The LCD’s are loaded with advertising and information about offered products and set at normal eye level. This way, prospective customers get to view the product offerings without having to enter the store. The customer’s time is not wasted, and the store can cater to those who are really interested in their products.

Digital advertising signs at walkways with heavy pedestrian traffic: The best way to catch the attention of your target market is to bring your advertisements where they are; or in this case where they pass. Such signs work best when instead of loading them only with product information, they are also loaded with attractive promotional offers – something the target market will see as beneficial like a discount or a free item with every purchase. In places where an interactive touch screen is used as an outdoor advertising signboard, it can double as a tool for capturing data; you can add registration forms for mailing lists or a form for requesting more information about your products.

Outdoor signs at institutions such as schools and churches: Some schools and churches have started using LCD screens at eye level to post their schedules and other pertinent information. Schools and churches may use these to announce class suspensions or special event schedules. When interactive touch screens are used, these may even double as a sort of information kiosk.

Digital signs on public transport: Since there are now many thin and weather proof flat screens, some have been mounted on the exterior surfaces of public transport showing various types of advertisements. What makes this type of outdoor digital sign effective is that people cannot help but see them as they go on their daily commute.

There are still huge billboards made of very large LCD screens. This article here shows how digital signage helps corporate meetings. But many more small, and often interactive, digital signs are being deployed.